Versailles UMC

210 N. Monroe St.       Versailles, MO 65084     (phone) 573-378-4042   (fax) 573-378-4023

The City of Versailles, MO was platted in 1835 by Wyan and Galbraith, pioneers of Morgan County. Versailles United Methodist Church was founded the following year in 1836. The church has the distinction as the oldest Methodist Church in the state of Missouri. The building resides in its original location just off the square at 210 N. Monroe Street.

In late 1980’s the facility began to show its age with sloping floors and cracked plaster. The church membership decided that it was time to replace the aging building with a new sanctuary. To help save money, the membership decided they would rebuild the sanctuary and do the work themselves. A gentleman by the name of Bob Beckerdite would take on the job of foreman, a position that he had held in his years prior to retirement. Bob said he was willing to donate one year of retirement in order to complete the job. Bob assembled a crew of church members, affectionately known as the “band of old men” the mission was to restore the church to its glory.

The money was raised slowly, but there was always a just-in-time check to keep construction moving. In one instance, a church member donated the dollars necessary to build the pulpit, pews and alter. The only request was that they remain anonymous, and that the interiors would be built of solid walnut.

As the rebuilding process began, none of the members had any idea of church design and construction.  One member of the “band of old men”, Creed Marriott, would tell of how the pulpit would look like in his “mind’s eye” and then he would build it. Ten months in and the exterior construction was nearly complete, unfortunately, Bob Beckerdite missed his goal of one year of service. He passed away just two months short of completion. However, the “band of old men” continued their quest to finish the construction. Nearly 20 years ago the members put the finishing touches on the beautiful church that you see today. Many say it was God who convinced these men to save Versailles United Methodist Church.

Today, the community of Versailles is noted as the gateway to the Lake of the Ozarks resort area, a unique place where the agricultural prairies meet the Ozark Hills.  With a population of more than 2500, Versailles is Morgan County’s largest city, as well as the county seat and trading center for thousands of area residents and visitors. 2011 marks the 175th anniversary of Versailles United Methodist Church. This milestone is not just a celebration of the past, but an invitation for the future. If you are in search of a Church home, we would be pleased to see you in worship.  

Versailles United Methodist Church, we are 175 and Growing!